Steel sector

The steel sector has always been the company’s core business

SIME started its activity in 1970 carrying out both the revamping of existing plants and turnkey projects thanks to the collaboration with consolidated mechanical companies and professionals of the sector.

The company supplies its solutions in different areas: meltshops (for which it has developed its own electrode control system – SIME ECS); hot rolling mills; auxiliary services (such as fume and water treatment plants).

SIME also manufactures in-house typical devices for the sector: the on / off infrared photodetectors (HMD) and the loop position detectors or static edge sensors (LPD) suitable for detecting the wire in the slitting rolling.

Areas of operation:

  • EAF – Electric Arc Furncace
  • LF – Ladle Furcance
  • ECS – Electrode Control System
  • Ferro-alloy weighing
  • CCM – Continuous Casting Machine
  • RHF – Entrance and Exit to the Reheating furnaces for blooms, slabs, billets
  • HRM – Hot Rolling Mill for flat slabs, rods, wire rods, coils, profiles, grinding balls
  • Cooling Area and Handling – Cooling bed, Binding and Strapping systems, Labeling systems, Weighing systems
  • FTP – Fume Treatment Plants
  • WTP – Water Treatment Plants