Naval, Oil & Gas

Electrical switchboards, automation and control for onshore and offshore systems

SIME supplies the electrical switchboards and software for the command and control of lifting, handling, machining, welding, and laying systems of sub-sea pipelines alongside specialized companies of the sector.

SIME personnel completed the “BOSIET – Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training” course in 2021, given the utmost importance of the safety of its personnel and in order to meet the urgent requests of its customers in the Oil & Gas sector.

Other projects developed include the supply of electrical, control and supervision equipment for material handling, loading/unloading and weighing operations on board or dock.

Areas of intervention:

  • Handling and laying system of sub-sea pipelines (ex: Stinger Handling System)
  • Pipes cutting system and welding
  • On board hydraulic power units
  • Handling of bulk materials on board or dock
  • Loading / unloading systems
  • Weighing systems