Plate rolling mill – roller table | Marcegaglia

SIME S.r.l. recently supplied the new electrical and #automation #switchboard for the exit roller table from the shear in a #plate #rolling #mill near Udine.

The roller table has been divided into 4 sections instead of the previous 2 ones. The front and rear switchboard includes one inverter (ABB ACS880 105A) for each section, including a braking chopper, a braking resistor (installed on the roof), and a du/dt filter.

The inverters are connected to the PLC (Rockwell Automation) via Ethernet IP. Discrete and safety I/O modules are provided for the safety commands.

#PLC and #HMI #software have been updated accordingly to the new configuration. In addition, SIME S.r.l. developed the semi-automatic cycle for moving the plate from the shear to the carryover n. 2.