SIME news: new HRM & Safety system project

@SIME delivers solutions for both turnkey plants and the revamping of the existing ones as well as safety systems tailored to the overall complexity.

Here is an example of the design and supply of the Electrical, Automation & Safety HW & SW for a new Rolling Mill for Flat, Round, and Square bars. The project includes the supply of:

  • Electrical switchboard for n.2 2500 HP LV DC motors for a Reversible Two-High Stand
  • PWC 3200 A, 400 V for roller tables and auxiliary services
  • Control switchboard for AC motors for upstream/downstream roller tables and adjusting screws
  • Transformers 800 kVA and 630 kVA – 400V/250V 50 Hz
  • MCCs for roller tables, hydraulic stations, stands, and cooling bed oil-dynamic stations
  • Main control pulpit and local control pulpits
  • Automation switchboard
  • Client-Server SCADA system
  • Development of Level 1, 1 ½, 2
  • Tracking software
  • Safety system and equipment PL d / SIL 2: safety CPU, dedicated safety SW, plant protection/safety devices, safety expansion modules


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